Laura Hogan- Sharable content experiment

In Mondays lecture with Laura Hogan she talked about creating easy sharable content on for your clients to encourage engagement.

She gave an example of a post she created for the client “Diamond Heaven” which was simply just a picture saying “Ladies getting engaged in 2017” and then a few names. The post managed to get 3k comments. But with a £10 boost it managed to get 20k comments: (read more of her talk here)


I decided to test this out on two pages that I am currently managing myself. I created a similar type of post but since “Animeleague Cosplay” and “WinCon” are both based around cosplay and comic con I thought it would be fun to make a “Who should you cosplay as” based on your birthday.


The “Animeleague Cosplay” post did extremely well and is still growing. Within 24hours it managed to get a reach of 26,220 which compared to their other posts is incredible!  I believe this is because this was a fun and easily sharable piece. It got everyone involved and our audience was tagging their friends in it and laughing at who they would get. The post itself was shared 175 times. This shows that it is worth finding and re-creating viral sharable media. Keep your eye out on things which you could adapt to suit your client to bring engagement to your pages.


I also tried the same post for WinCon, which in comparison didn’t do as well but still did better than the other posts on its page. I believe it didn’t do as well because “Animeleague Cosplay” has over 17k likes while WinCon only has just over 300. The post itself though did well in its own page in comparison to the other posts which were reaching usually just over 100.


I also believe the post did better on “Animeleague Cosplay” because that page is specficially dedicated to cosplayers and cosplaying while WinCon is an event around this theme but not specifcally.

This was a successful experiment on both of my pages. I have learnt that creating somewhat silly and simple content is sometimes the best. People just want to share things which their friends would like and enjoy and this provided the audience with that.

My only issue with this content is that although it did bring engagement to both pages it didn’t bring a lot of likes to the page or messages interested in the event. This is great content to come up with on a weekly basis but for WinCon in particular I need to create content which is going to make people want to buy tickets.



39K reach – 28 hours after post


48 hours after




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